Your Day-to-Day Sewer Care Guide

Your home’s plumbing is important. Not only does it secure your home’s facilities, it prevents devastating damages. A home without protected pipes is a home in danger. To protect your household’s sewage system, pipes and septic system, do the following:

Be Careful During Cold Weather

Pipes can be at risk of bursting as the weather gets colder. When temperatures drop, double-check your sewage system’s insulation. Additionally, let your faucets drip at least once per day. By running a little water, you can prevent ice buildup. You can also stop your pipes from contracting.

Reduce the Clogs

Use the garbage disposal in your kitchen. In the bathroom, make sure you’re not showering off excess grease and grime. When possible, take the heavy materials outside. Pipes collect small materials over time, and they can get clogged if they aren’t cared for. While pipes are made to withstand clogs, long-term clogs can degrade a pipe’s inner walls—leading to disaster.

Check for Leaks Monthly

Check your faucet handles, pipe valves, and shower heads. Pipe fittings can become loose over time, and they can destabilize your plumbing system’s pressure. Signs of leaks include puddles of water, mold growth and bubbling drains. If you suspect a leak inside your plumbing system, contact a provider immediately.

Update Your Plumbing Fixtures Often

By updating your plumbing fixtures, you can extend your plumbing system’s life. In the past, homeowners flushed water-saving toilets two to three times per use. Newer models flush easily, and they require less force, and water to do so. Really, investing in new technology is a surefire way to protect your system from within. A plumbing system’s health requires consistent gravity, pressure and water flow.

Learn how to turn off your home’s water supply, too. In the event of a leak, turning off the water can save your home. When possible, get a septic inspection. If you have a clogged drain, don’t hesitate to contact Septic Check. A lot of plumbing providers are well-versed in sewer repair, drain cleaning and sewage treatment. Really, no job is too difficult. By contacting a professional early on, you can maximize your home’s safety and cleanliness. Services are noninvasive, so as to protect your schedule, daily comfort and—of course—your home’s overall feel. At the end of the day, the best maintenance is preventative maintenance. Take care of your plumbing system, and stop problems before they start.