Why is Septic Maintenance Important to the Environment?

Properly maintaining your septic system has a number of benefits. Not only does it save you money and protects your property and its value, but it can also be a benefit to the environment. Without regular pumping, service, and repairs, your septic drainage can become detrimental to local drinking water due to the release of bacteria, viruses, or toxic chemicals into the environment. 

Here’s what you need to know about how an adequately preserved septic system can support a more sustainable future. 

Increased Water Quality

You might be surprised to hear that water that is treated via a well-maintained septic system can actually be just as clean as centralized water systems. When wastewater makes it to the drain field, it is released into the ground. It then “recharges” the groundwater and re-enters the local waterways cleaner by using the natural treatment properties of the soil to minimize the level of phosphates and nitrogen in the water. 

Conserves Energy

The vast majority of septic systems rely on gravity to process wastewater rather than energy. Pair that with a septic tank that naturally breaks down waste and you have an energy-efficient and natural process that allows for reduced cost and carbon footprint. 

Minimizes Intrusive Environmental Footprint

When you’re keeping a regular schedule of septic maintenance, you are preventing disruption to the local environment. When you’re keeping up with your septic, there is less need for repairs and your system will last you even longer. Technologies like TerraLift can also help minimize the impact on the local environment by preventing the need to dig up your yard. 

At Septic Check, we’re all about clean water. And part of clean water is a well-maintained septic system. If you haven’t had a septic inspection in a while (or ever) schedule your service today and our team is eager to help.