What You Can Expect with a Septic Tank Inspection

We recommend that you have your septic tank inspected every three years. This ensures that it is working properly and that it is in peak condition through every season. Septic Check offers a comprehensive septic tank inspections. Below is a brief summary of what you can expect when we assess your residential or commercial septic system.

Opening the Tank

The first thing we do when we open the tank, is check the water levels. The water in the tank should always be at the same level. Therefore, if the water is above or below the line this means that your tank is either leaking or too much water is filling up. We can test the proper water level by feeding water into the tank from your home’s plumbing system. As water is pouring into the tank, the level should remain the same. This means that the water is properly draining into the absorption area. If the water is rising or fails to rise to the proper level, then we pinpoint the problem and fix it.

Pumping the Tank

Next, we need to manually pump the tank to ensure that the waste and water are feeding into the absorption area without any backflow. It starts by once again feeding water into the tank from the house and then onto the absorption area. Water should freely flow from starting point to end point, which is the sewer. This includes checking for blockage in the entire sewer line. Any problems with water flowing through could reveal one of two problems:

  • There is backflow caused by either blockage or a faulty component such as an outlet baffle.
  • There is a system failure that is occurring before the water is pumped out of the tank. A component either needs to be replaced or repaired.

Information You Should Provide

When a Septic Check plumbing technician arrives to your home or business for the first time, there may be circumstances that he or she is unaware of. Providing some relevant information on the front end may reduce the amount of time and effort required to inspect the tank and/or identify a problem. You will want to be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • How often was the tank used in the past?
  • How often is the tank used today?
  • How old is the system? Is this the original tank or a replacement?
  • When was the last time the tank was inspected or repaired?
  • How long have you been living in the house?

Choose Septic Check for Your Next Inspection

Septic Check is a leader in the plumbing industry. We have decades of combined experience in septic tank installation, repair, and ongoing maintenance. We perform numerous inspections each year for both residential and commercial properties in Milaca, Minnesota and the surrounding area. Call us today at 320-983-2447, and schedule your next septic tank inspection. You’ll be glad you did!