What is TerraLift and How Can It Benefit Your Septic System?

You’ve seen the photos of septic issues, including yards torn up, landscaping destroyed, or leaking drain fields. You may have even experienced the stress of septic issues yourself. While septic systems have caused many headaches over the years, new technologies are always being developed to fix your septic issues without the hassle. Septic Check utilizes many of these technologies to ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible service, including TerraLift. 

What is TerraLift? 

TerraLift is a septic repair procedure that allows our professionals to completely aerate your drain field without disturbing your lawn or landscaping. It’s designed to be quick and efficient, revitalizing your drain field in under a day. It helps with many different septic tank issues including compaction, saturation, and improper drainage without using chemicals or polluting your property.

How Does TerraLift Work?

When your Septic Check repair professional shows up at your property, they will inspect the area and start by using a probe to send compressed air into your drain field soil. This creates new cracks and spaces for liquids to travel through. 

Next, the probe will release small polystyrene beads into the newly created cracks and spaces to insure that they stay open permanently after the ground settles. The air and pellets then move vertically and horizontally through the soil, creating new pathways for your wastewater to drain. 

This process is repeated every four feet around each of your system’s trenches until the entire drain field has been restored.

What are the Benefits of TerraLift?

Saves You Money

The TerraLift process revitalizes your septic system, saving you thousands of dollars on a potentially costly repair or new septic. In addition, you won’t have the stress and financial burden of repairing your lawn or landscaping after the repair is complete. 

Proven and Lasting Technology

TerraLift has been tested and proven. It has a high rate of success with our customers, with septic systems ready to use within 24 hours of the service. The TerraLift repair will last you years and prevent future issues with your system.


If you think TerraLift might help solve your septic issues, let us know! Our fun and professional team can give you a free estimate and help you decide if TerraLift repair is right for you! Contact us today to get started!