Top 4 Signs It’s Time For a New Septic Tank

Well-maintained septic systems can last upwards of 20-25 years. But if you inherited a poorly kept septic from a previous homeowner or don’t know the age and past care of your system, we’re here to help you identify the signs that you need a new septic tank. 

Septic Problems Pop Up Consistently

One of the main signs of needing a new septic tank is that you continually have issues with your septic. Whether that’s drain field overflow or bad odors, if you’re calling the professionals in more than once a year, you might want to get a quote for a new septic system. If you’re not sure what to look for when it comes to septic problems, you can pay attention to drain field, smells, and indoor plumbing issues. 

More Frequent Indoor Plumbing Issues

Have you noticed more clogs, sinks backing up, and smelly or slow drains? If you recently had your septic serviced, you might want to consider asking your repair technician if they recommend getting a quote for a new system. Consistent issues, especially after having your tank pumped are a pretty good indicator that you’ll need a new system installed soon.

Water Contamination

If the water on your property has become contaminated, you’ll need to seriously consider getting a new septic system. Groundwater contamination is a tell-tale sign that your system has broken down and is no longer functioning properly. It could be detrimental to your local waterways and become an even bigger issue if your home relies on well water.  

Your Tank Needs Pumping More Often

A normal pumping schedule for septic tank pumping is every 1-3 years. If you’re finding that you are needing to schedule pumping more frequently, it probably means that your system isn’t functioning to its fullest capacity. Do your best to keep track of how often you are having your septic serviced so that you can recognize when there might be a bigger issue at hand. 

Installing a new septic tank can feel like a huge pain – on your schedule and your wallet. That’s why our fun and professional Septic Check team is here to guide you through every step of the process to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need. We’ll never suggest a new system until we’re sure that yours needs to be replaced. If you’re not sure, you can always schedule an inspection or get a free estimate.