Springtime Tasks: Tips to Opening Your Cabin

Cabin Season is Approaching

Opening Your Cabin this Spring

You did it…almost. You survived another Minnesota winter and are on the edge of seeing green grass and open water. This means that it’s just about time to open up your cabin again for the season, inspect the damage caused by the chipmunks, and cross your fingers in hopes that water isn’t leaking and electrical is working. As we move toward the spring, here are some things to remember for preparing for cabin season. 

Visual Inspection for Risk & Damage

Before you walk inside and get moving on the jobs in front of you, take the time to do this important task. When pulling into your cabin, do a visual inspection for branches that are down, electrical lines that are compromised, or water damage that’s evident. By finding low-hanging branches, looking for evidence of where water has pooled, and identifying vulnerabilities, you’re able to address issues in the right order. 

Check for Critters — or the remnants of them

Look through your cupboards and drawers. If a critter sought shelter inside your cottage for the winter, you’ll find evidence. They’re not great at hiding their tracks. If you find evidence of them, you’ll want to make sure everything is cleaned up well — as they are carriers of all sorts of germs and disease. You’ll also want to check your oven and your electrical wiring. They sometimes make nests in stoves and can chew threw wiring, which can cause much bigger issues. 

Don’t Turn On the Water Heater

When you flip on your breakers, only turn on the electrical for lights and basic appliances. Keep the hot water tank off until after you’ve turned the water back on. For many cabin owners, this will require priming the pump and confirming your water is running. After the water is running, you can turn on the water heater. Otherwise, you may burn out your elements. 

It’s officially time to dream about warmer weather, which means it’s also time to think about your cabin. And as part of maintaining your cabin, remember that Septic Check is here to inspect, maintain, and protect your septic system all year through.