Spring Septic Clean Up

Spring is here. And while the jury is still out on whether we’ll see our annual April snowfall, the fact that spring is in the air is undeniable. Of course, with spring comes the sloppy mess of winter’s thaw.

Springtime can be a time where issues arise for your septic. At Septic Check, we know how important it is for you to extend the life your septic system and protect your investment. For many homeowners and cabin owners, their septic system is a cause of anxiety as they manage not only the on-going maintenance but also the inevitable eventual replacement.

As you look to get the most out of your investment and maintain a healthy, functioning septic system, there are some things to consider this spring:

Do you have a flooded drain field? 

Frequent rain and the sloppy – and often sudden – melting of several inches or feet of snow can mean that your drain field can easily take on more water than it can handle. A flooded drain field could keep your septic from properly filtering wastewater. To help mitigate flooding, direct wastewater, gutters, and downspouts in other directions. 

Is your septic working too hard? 

The frequent rain and sloppy winter melt that can lead to flooded drain fields can also cause your septic to be overworked. An overworked septic also improperly filters wastewater (which puts that unfiltered wastewater into your drain field), particularly if your tank hasn’t been pumped. You want to make sure that your septic is doing the work you need it to do, and not more than it should. 

Are your drains clogged? 

Excess water in your system can actually act as a clog to your drains, causing them to back up. When you hear gurgling or notice delays in drainage from your sinks, you’re likely dealing with clogged drains from too much water in your system. Utilizing the same tactics you use with a septic system that’s working too hard can help you tremendously. Practice some water conservation tactics like staggering laundry and showers. 

Is there debris in your septic tank?

The spring thaw and inclement weather can also lead to debris like branches, sticks, leaves, and mud to get lodged in your septic system. The best solution to this problem is having your tank pumped. The best prevention for it is making sure you’re keeping your property clean of unnecessary yard waste, sticks, branches, etc. 

To keep your septic running optimally, schedule an inspection with Septic Check. We can make sure you’re protecting your investment and taking the right steps toward septic maintenance for your home or cabin.