Signs of a Failing Septic

How can you know if your septic system is failing?

A septic system is a major investment for a homeowner, and so making sure that it is properly maintained ensures it will last as long as possible. But certain indicators can help you know if the septic system you rely on at your home or cabin is nearing the end of its life. 

Slow Moving Plumbing 

When a septic system begins failing, you may find that toilets and drains significantly slow down, often with loud gurgling sounds. If you have had your septic tank pumped but still are experiencing slow drains or frequently clogged toilets, you should start looking for other signs of a failing septic. 


When a septic system is failing, you may notice foul odors around the area of your septic tank. These odors are caused by the untreated effluent that is leaking from your septic system. The area of the most pronounced leak will also give certain visual indicators of your trouble areas. 

Green Grass

Untreated effluent from your septic acts as a fertilizer for your lawn. Patches of grass that are much greener than surrounding areas are often being fertilized by your septic system, which means you have a leak in your system. 

Pooling Water 

If you’re finding areas of your septic’s drain field are storing water or are soggier than usual, you’re probably looking at a failing septic system. Make sure you steer clear of the area, as the water that’s gathered is actually untreated wastewater. The odors alone can be hazardous. 

As you do the important work of protecting your septic system, make sure you’re paying attention to conditions. When things slow down or when they start getting messy, contact Septic Check. Our expertise will make sure you make the right decisions on repairing or replacing your septic system.