Septic Expertise for Your Exact Needs 

At Septic Check, we help homeowners, cabin owners, business owners, and resort owners across Minnesota with every element and detail of their septic systems. From determining the right size septic system, to planning, installing, inspecting, and maintaining a septic system, our septic expertise helps you make the right decisions for your exact scenario. For Minnesota businesses, septic system specifications and demands are different than for homeowners. Cabins often have seasonal usage and so care and maintenance schedules vary. 

Installing the Right Septic System

When we work with homeowners or business owners on planning a septic project, we pay attention to the details of the specific home or business to determine the details of the system we’re installing. The size of your septic tank is determined by the demands you’ll be putting on it, whether because of the number of people it’s supporting or the amount of wastewater you’re producing from appliances or water usage. The location, set up, drainfield, and mound layout will determine much fo the productivity of your system. 

Septic Systems for Minnesota Homes and Businesses

At Septic Check, we design, install, repair, operate and maintain septic systems. Our work ranges from small private septic systems to large commercial systems and industrial treatment plants. We install residential and commercial septic systems throughout the state of Minnesota and offer septic pumping and line cleaning services as well.

When it comes to home or business septic systems, make sure you’re consulting with the type of expertise that takes location, layout, and demand into consideration. Be sure you’re making the long-term care and maintenance of your septic system a priority. 

Getting the Most Life Out of Your Septic System

The process of repairing a septic system can be a massive undertaking. Sometimes it demands almost as much work as a new septic installation! This is why proper inspections and maintenance are essential. From the first day of installation — or from the time you take over maintenance of a septic — you need to be aware of your service and inspection schedule. You also need to know the standards for proper septic maintenance, so be sure that the septic service professional you’re working with knows you. The specifics of your scenario, the age of your system, and the demands you’re placing on it all impact your service and maintenance demands.

Minnesota Septic Expertise

Because we’re in Minnesota, cold weather and the potential for freezing adds an additional dynamic to owning a home, cabin, business, or resort with a septic system. At Septic Check, we’re here to help you make the right decisions at every stage of your septic system. Contact our shop today to get moving in the right direction with your septic system, no matter how old or new it is.