Septic Check – Inspections and Maintenance

At Septic Check, we understand that the thought of replacing a septic system can be completely overwhelming and even terrifying. We also know that sometimes replacing a system is avoidable, if the homeowner would have simply viewed inspections and maintenance as part of the costs of owning a septic.

Maintain Performance.

Have a schedule and keep it. Schedule your septic inspection before you need it. Put it on your calendar and plan for the costs. Don’t cancel it snd prepare questions you need to ask.

Watch for Problems.

Know what to look for. Know what to smell for. Is the grass wetter than it should be? Is it greener in spots. By understanding the visual – and olfactory- indicators of issues you may be able to avoid the high cost of neglecting your septic when it needs service.

Consult an Expert.

You can’t be expected to know what to look for or how to resolve every conceivable issue. You should regularly have your septic system inspected by a professional. They’ll be able to give you the perspective you need not just for the things that are plain to see, but for the hidden things as well.

If it’s expertise you’re looking for, Septic Check is here to make sure your septic system does the job you need it to do. Let us know what maintenance, service, or inspection you’re thinking you need. We’ll help you out at each step.