Ruttgers Bay Lake Lodge: Deerwood, MN

Ruttgers Bay Lake Lodge was adding condominium units. In addition, the existing system needed updated collection and nitrogen reduction pretreatment. This final pretreatment – recirculating gravel filters – is located in the middle of a spectacular golf course. The 45,000 gallon per day engineered design was engineered by Landecker and Associates in Walker, MN.


  • Gravity collection, manholes, and a new lift station were installed to add the new condominium units and some of the existing buildings to the system.
  • Recirculating gravel filters and two 12,000-gallon septic tanks were installed after the ground froze to prevent disruption to the golf course.
  • By pressurizing the gravity lines to make them compliant, the existing gravity soil dispersal field was reused.