Drain Cleaning Available for emergency service 24/7

Clogged drains and clogged sewer lines are a common cause of sewer backups. Our professional highly trained staff will respond to your call quickly to get your problems solved. Our service technicians are equipped with all the latest tools and technology to get the job done efficiently. We also have equipment to locate and video inspect sewer lines so that customers can know exactly what the problem is prior to completing a repair. Our service areas in Minnesota cover Milaca, Princeton, Zimmerman, Isle, Onamia, Aitkin, Wahkon, Garrison, and surrounding areas.

Indoor plumbing drain cleaning: Use drain cleaning equipment to remove clogs in sinks, laundry tubs, toilets, and more.

Line cleaning: Removes roots and other obstructions to allow proper flow of wastewater.

High pressure jetting: Uses high pressure water jetting equipment to clean and flush drain lines. Especially effective for commercial establishments.

Frozen line thawing: Utilize line steaming or hot water jetting equipment to quickly thaw sewer lines.

Drainfield line cleaning: Keeping your drainfield piping clean and free of debris to allow proper dispersal of effluent in your drainfield.

Video Camera inspection: Uses video inspection technology to visually identify problems in sewer lines such as roots, blockages, cracks, sags, or crushed pipes.

We Can Fix:

Layer 19

Clogged drains
and sinks

Group 10

Clogged sewer




Sewer line

Layer 19

Broken or
cracked pipes

Group 10

Frozen sewer

Drainfield Repair

All conventional septic systems have a finite life. Even properly used, drainfield rock eventually becomes plugged with the by-products of treating sewage. Septic systems that are used properly will still eventually fail. Replacement costs run from $7,200 to $20,000 or more in some areas.

Why Systems Fail:

As systems age, a clogging mat forms where the rock and soil meet. This biomat is comprised of dead bacteria, fine solids, and live soil bacteria. It performs a vital function by holding water in the rock long enough to prevent saturation of soil below the rock.

Over time this clogging mat gets too thick, however, and causes water to pond in the rock. Air is displaced by liquid and anaerobic conditions begin the decline of the soil treatment system.

Even if properly designed and constructed, conventional septic systems eventually need replacement or rehabilitation. Homeowners using them within design limits can expect drainfield or mound life of 7-25 years.

We offer system saving recovery solutions that can provide an immediate fix to your septic system and avoid replacement cost. Our service areas in Minnesota include Milaca, Princeton, Zimmerman, Isle, Onamia, Aitkin, Wahkon, Garrison, and surrounding areas. Contact us for a free site visit and estimate.

Terralift Drainfield Rejuvenation

The Terralift drainfeild repair provides new life for your problem drainfield or mound in one day without excavating your lawn. The Terralift process injects high pressure blasts of air into the ground to fracture soil and re-establish percolation. In addition, it stirs up excess biomat which is then digested. It provides an immediate fix to ponded and surfacing drainfields.


Immediate relief

Re-establish percolation

No excavation required

Fix your drainfield while waiting for sewer connection

Five-year prorated warranty


Lift Pump Repair

The majority of septic system problems with newer systems are associated with pumps or control panels. We have a vast experience working with simple and complicated lift station configurations. Our service technicians are capable of diagnosing and repairing any lift station and control panel problem regardless of size.

We Can Help With:

Layer 19

Lift pump

Group 10

Effluent pumps


Grinder pump

Group 10




Layer 19

Control panel

Group 10

Timed dose
control panel

Layer 19

Telemetry panel