Protect Your Septic. Filter Your Laundry’s Wastewater.

Your Septic, Your Laundry, and the Steps You Need to Take Today

Did you know that the efforts you take to protect your septic system can significantly impact it’s performance and longevity? And those efforts go beyond simply what you allow people to flush. It also includes what’s getting washed down your sinks. Your septic system has natural processes at work, where microbiota engage to break down waste. When that process is disrupted, it leads to unnecessary build up and ultimate breakdown of your system. 

We advise everyone with a septic system to install a Filtrol laundry filtration unit in their home. The Filtrol is an easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain lint filtration solution for home laundry. While there are numerous ecological benefits to the Filtrol — through the filtration of plastics before they leave homes and enter water and food sources — homeowners should be particularly incentivized to installing one at their laundry tub.

Everything from microscopic particles of plastic shed from clothing to sheetrock dust, pet hair, and even glitter can leave your home through your washing machine and end up in your septic system. These particles and materials act as clogs in your septic system. They disrupt the natural processes occurring in your system and ultimately result in a shortened life span and costly repairs and replacements. 

Have you actively restricted what’s getting pushed into your septic system from sinks, toilets, and drains? Have you taken proactive measures to limit your septic’s exposure to the things that are disrupting its performance? 

The Filtrol is a simple and cost-effective way to be proactive with your septic system. 

At Septic Check, we view the Filtrol as just another way that we’re helping septic owners with the burdensome task of septic care. We help property owners and cabin owners extend the life of their septic systems by maintaining regular inspections and service calls. We also do it by providing expertise that will ultimately protect their system and save them money. From planning and installing the best septic system to maintaining the right, regular inspection schedule, our planning, inspection, and maintenance services protect systems as well as our environment.