Improving the Quality of Your Water at the Cabin

If you own a cabin or vacation property, you may be dealing with issues with your drinking water. Maybe it’s good enough to cook with and shower in, but not something you’re making coffee with or drinking. Many cabin owners around the state acknowledge that their water is too hard, too discolored, or too gross to drink. 

If you have concerns about your water, you should definitely avoid drinking it. Contaminated water can cause everything from skin conditions to gastrointestinal issues and even neurological damage. While most of the issues you want to resolve at your cabin are probably related to its taste, it’s still worth taking some steps to address it. 

Have Your Water Tested

There are many organizations that will test the quality of your water. PFC’s, arsenic, radium, and nitrates are often found in well water. In addition to these contaminants from ground water run off and soil, there are also a number of bacteria, viruses, and parasites living in untreated water. By having your water tested by a reputable water treatment authority, you’ll be able to identify the issues with your water and determine the right next steps for addressing them. To have your water tested, you can contact water treatment companies (who often provide it as a free service), or you can buy various kits and services.

Have Your Water Treated

Numerous water treatment solutions are available for your cabin water. Many of them, unfortunately, cost money to maintain that most cabin-owners can’t justify. Since many cabins are only occupied a few months out of the year, large purchases that are often deemed “luxuries” can often get overlooked. However, there are alternatives that can be effective in solving your water problems without breaking the bank. 

You can also treat your well water with a Well-Safe water treatment solution like you see here. While not exhaustive and not removing bacteria or contaminants that may require UV filtration, these packs can help eliminate many of the toxins from your water. 

But if you have to bring water with you to the cabin…

Larger Filtered Water Sources

Loading up your truck or SUV with cases of bottled water not only is costly, but it also produces very high volumes of plastic waste. Consider adding a 5-gallon water dispenser at your cabin. Bring two with you every time you go up. Bring two home with you every time you leave. They’re refillable and convenient. 

Your experience at the cabin will be much better when you know your family is drinking good and safe water. 

At Septic Check, we’re in the clean water business. The work we’re doing is protecting our environment by properly managing wastewater. To find out about the state of your septic system, contact us.