How Old is Too Old? When to Upgrade Your Septic Tank

When sewage starts backing up into your home or business, or you can’t seem to get rid of that horrid odor in the backyard, then it may be time to hire Septic Check to replace your septic system. Before making the decision to remove the old tank, our technicians need to perform a thorough inspection to identify exactly what is wrong with the tank. Once we find the issue, we can then determine what the best course of action is to take.

First Steps: Figuring Out Exactly What the Problem Is

If sewage is backing up in your home, we have to figure out why. One method of doing this is to open the lid to the septic tank and see where the water level is. If the water is higher than the designated layer, then the problem is in the tank. If the water is too low, then there may be an issue somewhere else in the plumbing.

We recommend pumping the tank first, which will clear it and give the system a fresh start. It will also help us pinpoint what is going on. Keep in mind, pumping the tank can saturate the absorption area (A.K.A., the drainfield), so the process may be slow. If we discover blockage, then we can clear it out and get the system flowing again. If, however, it’s more than blockage, then the focus comes back to your septic tank.

When to Repair the Tank

Most septic tank problems are quick fixes. For instance, standing water or a nasty odor could simply be caused by a busted pipe. We would need to replace the pipe, re-establish the connection, and get the septic tank running again. The backup could also be happening somewhere in the house. We may need to flush the system to get the water flowing again.

When to Replace The Tank or Its Components

If we’ve exhausted all other possibilities or solutions and the system still isn’t working, then it’s clear that all or part of it needs to be upgraded. Although it is always a last resort, it may be necessary to replace the tank so that the entire plumbing system is flowing smoothly and your yard is not soaked in sewage.

Call Septic Check if You Need Your Septic Tank Replaced

When you call a Septic Check plumbing technician, we can arrive at your doorstep with all equipment and tools necessary to perform a complete tank inspection. We can then follow it up by restoring the tank back to working condition or replacing altogether. We can work on your septic system from start to finish. Contact us today at 320-983-2447. We are your most trusted septic tank contractors in Milaca, Minnesota!