Extending the Life of Your Septic System

Whether at the cabin, at home, or at your business, having a septic system is something that inevitably will cost you in time, maintenance, and repairs. Depending on how old it is, how well it’s been cared for, and what external factors are impacting its performance, you may find yourself moving closer to some costly investments soon. 

So what can you do to extend the life of your septic for as long as possible? 

Don’t Wash Food Down the Drain

Too many people treat drains like garbage disposals, thinking that as long as the food clears the drain they’re in the clear. But this isn’t true. Foods washed down a drain and into a septic can be a major cause of septic issues in the future. Be sure that you clear dishes thoroughly into the garbage before you ever put them into the sink. 

Keep Antibacterials Out of Your Drain

Whether it’s bleach or other cleaning supplies, nail polish remover, pesticides, or Lysol, what you wash down your drain can actually kill the natural processes of your septic system. Your septic tank relies upon bacteria (good bacteria!) to break down waste. Antibacterial liquids that are introduced to your septic stop that good bacteria from doing its job. Keep them from your drains so that your septic doesn’t simply become a holding tank for waste. 

Keep It Natural 

Be sure that what you’re flushing down your toilet is safe. Even some toilet papers aren’t good for septic tanks, so make sure that everything you flush has the ability to break down within the natural processes of your septic system. You shouldn’t need to add additives or replacement chemicals to this naturally occurring process. Keep your septic system natural.  

Remember, the best way to know what you need to do and how you need to care for your septic system is to partner with someone like Septic Check. We can help you protect your system, plan and pay for its replacement, and provide the maximum life for it. Contact Septic Check today to have your septic system priced out, inspected, pumped, or serviced in any way. Let our experts save you time, money, and messes.