Deciding on a Septic System at Your Cabin

For cabin owners, the decision to install a septic system is a big one. For many, it comes down to how to best spend a very limited budget. The roof needs to be fixed. The pipes are leaking. There’s a mouse infestation and squirrels are chewing through the electrical. The appliances are antiquated and spring time always produces flooding.

So the septic installation question is a big conversation. The benefits of a septic are obvious. Things like running water, showers, and a working toilet are reasons enough, and when you go without one, you quickly realize why they’re a worthwhile convenience. But it’s obviously a bigger conversation than whether you want the convenience at your cabin or cottage. It’s a matter of prioritizing it, affording it, installing it, and maintaining it.


If you decide that it’s time to have a septic system installed at your cabin or cottage property, you have to make the right plan. You have to ensure you have an adequate water source. You have to know that the work you’re wanting to do can actually be done. You need a plan in place that makes sure everything is in place.


If you are unable to pay cash out-of-pocket for a septic installation, you will need to settle on some financing options. Some plans actually exist in this space with relatively low-interest rates and variable terms and conditions, making it within reach for people. But considering the costs of a septic system can range from $8,000 all the up to (and above) $25,000, you’ll want to make sure you’re carefully assessing your situation to make sure you’re prepared for the next steps.


In this space, you have to decide if you’re able to install the septic system yourself or if you need to hire a professional. If you’re doing it yourself, we have one piece of advice: Make sure you know what you’re doing. It can get complicated and if done wrong or incomplete, it can get messy and more expensive. You need to know that the installation will give you a septic system for years to come.

If you chose to go the route of having a professional like Septic Check install your system, you’ll end up paying more, but you’ll also have the assurance that the work is being done right and is being guaranteed. You’ll get support and maintenance to go along with the work.


This requires you to work closely with a septic professional. The more intentional you are about maintenance – about regular care and management of your system – the more you’re protecting your investment and protecting your property. Proper maintenance is a must.

If it’s time to talk about a septic system at your cabin or cottage, let us help you decide. You need a professional who knows what questions to ask and what issues to look out for at each step of the process.