Cooking & Your Septic System

Cooking Habits that Protect Your Septic

If you have a septic system, you understand what it takes to keep it working well. From regular inspections to pumping services, you always want to be thinking about what’s best for your septic system, what’s saving you money, and what’s keeping headaches – and messes – away. 

As you spend time in the kitchen, there are some do’s and don’t’s to cooking and cleaning. Take these into consideration so that you can protect your system and keep things working as they should. 

Dispose of Greases

Don’t dump greases or oils down the drain. While they may seem soluble because they are liquid, these substances ultimately don’t break down in your septic very efficiently. They plug up your system and can slow down its function. If you can, choose instead to dump it in the trash. 

No Solid Foods

Even with a garbage disposal, solid foods are a burden on a septic system. They take a much longer time to break down and subsequently cause undue wear and tear on your system. Just like with grease and oils, throw food in the trash rather than down the drain. Better yet, consider starting to compost your food scraps!

No Chemicals, Drugs, or Cleaning Supplies

While small amounts of bleach are normal and can be washed down a drain, you always want to keep it to a minimum. Cleaning supplies and antibacterial soaps can lead to a breakdown of the natural processes that happen within your system. Other chemicals and over-the-counter or prescription drugs can also be disruptive — and even harmful — to the effectiveness, and overall life, of your septic system. 

Everything you push through the drain of your sink will end up in your septic system. What it does from there depends on whether it should have been there in the first place. So make sure that your work in the kitchen is also protecting your septic. And if you have any questions, make sure you ask. Septic Check is here to help you make the right decisions to plan your septic, protect it, and take care of it.