Advanced Technologies

Eliminate biological failure of drainfields

Life cycle cost is an important consideration when designing a septic system. Even if properly designed and constructed, conventional septic systems eventually need replacement or rehabilitation.  Homeowners using them within design limits can expect drainfield or mound life of 7-25 years. A replacement system requires a substantial investment and the use of an alternate site on your lot. Advanced Treatment Systems typically include some method of pretreating effluent before it enters the soil treatment system, which can eliminate biological failure of drain fields and assure long system life. Although they usually cost more to install, operate and maintain than Standard Systems, the long life more than offsets the cost of replacement that Standard Systems require.

There are other substantial benefits to the use of advanced technologies:

  • Pretreated effluent may allow reductions in drain field size, often eliminating need for a mound.
  • Reduced drain field size makes this an ideal solution for small lots and meeting setbacks to buildings or wells
  • Performance technology can reclaim failed trenches and mounds or allow an existing system to be preserved by bringing failed separation into compliance.
  • Alternative drain field materials can be installed among trees to preserve wooded lots
  • Smaller systems save sand and gravel resources
  • Advanced Systems generally require regular maintenance by a septic professional 1 or 2 times per year.  This assures the homeowner that the health of their system is monitored regularly.

Advanced treatment products

We work with customers to match the appropriate technology to their individual preferences and site needs.  We design, install, and provide operation and maintenance for products such as:






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Puraflo peat filters