Case Studies

Restricted site with advanced treatment: Pine Lake Finlayson, MN

Overview: This customer had a non compliant system. The lot was oddly shaped and there was very little space after setbacks. The existing drainfield covered part of the available space left for a new one. The owner also wanted to preserve the trees on the lot. Solution: A dig out was completed over part of […]

Restricted site: Isle, MN

Overview: This customer had a non compliant septic system with little space for a replacement system due to set backs and a small lot. The only available space left was between their two driveways. Solution: A box mound system was designed to enable the customer to save space and have a standard sized drainfield on […]

New construction with advanced treatment: Milaca, MN

Overview: Owners of a new sustainably built home wanted a septic system that treats to a higher standard and has an exceptionally long life. Solution: Install a Multi-Flo advanced treatment unit to remove 95% of contaminates. The drainfield life is extended indefinitely because of the highly treated effluent. Annual maintenance assures long term proper operation.

New construction on wooded lot: Brainerd, MN

Overview: This customer was building a new house on 100 acres of property.  The homeowner wanted to preserve the wooded home site with its many large trees.  The customer had a tight timeline to complete the system during a wet fall with winter approaching. Solution: A drainfield location was chosen to fit in between large […]

Advanced Treatment Systems

Overview: There are many properties that do not have room for a conventional septic system.  Lake lots tend to have problems meeting setbacks to the lake, neighbor’s lot, wells, and other structures. For some properties, holding tanks have been the conventional fix for the lack of space. Solution: Since each site is different, a site […]

Standard Onsite Systems

Overview: For most of Minnesota, a generally high water table makes installing wastewater treatment systems tricky.  Improper installation techniques and poor quality materials can lead to early system failure. An ever-increasing population has sparked a greater need for better treatment technologies to insure the health of future generations. Solution: We only use products and materials […]