Case Studies

Updating older onsite systems

Overview: Broken or missing components on older onsite systems can shorten the life of your system.  Hydraulic overloading caused by leaks and surface water infiltration can cause system failure. Solution: Repair sagging pipes, cracked lids and caps, broken inspection pipes. Install risers on manholes to properly maintain your tank. Repair leaky components such as risers […]

Non-compliant mound update: Mille Lacs Lake Isle, MN

Overview: This customer had a non compliant mound system due to lack of separation distance to the seasonal high water table.  The only space available for a drainfield was where the existing system was located. Solution: The A Multi-Flo advanced treatment unit was installed to bring the system back into compliance. The existing tank and […]

Trench drainfield recovery: Terralift

Overview: This system was approximately 15 years old and had a clogged drain field.  The water was backed up into the home.  The tank and distribution box have not been cleaned regularly.   The owner wanted to extend the life of his system until city sewer was available in the near future. Solution: The tank and […]

Mound drainfield recovery: Terralift & Microbubble aeration

Overview: This system alarmed often and the owner had to pump the tank frequently. The mound rockbed was clogged due to a heavy biomat. The lot has insufficient space for a replacement system. The owner wanted to recover their drainfield without excavating the landscaped yard. Solution: The drainfield was fractured and rejuvenated using a Terralift […]

Drainfield recovery using microbubble aeration

Overview: This system had effluent surfacing within 8 years of being constructed.  A heavy biomat build up in the drainfield caused the failure.  The drainfield rockbed was completely full of liquid. Solution: The University of Minnesota was consulted to confirm soil conditions and reason for failure. A Microbubble aerator was installed in the septic tank. […]

Windy Acres Assisted Living: Forest Lake, MN

Overview: One of the two mound dispersal systems leaked to the surface at on corner of the rockbed. Waste strengths were measured and were higher than we would have liked to see (TSS 65.6 mg/L and CBOD5 324 mg/L). Experience shows that effluent from a facility of this type contains pharmaceuticals, sanitizers and such that […]

Wandering Ponds development: Kimball, MN

Overview: Wandering ponds is a residential housing development in central Minnesota. The design, done by MSTS of Kimball, MN, included long sewer main collection to an out lot beyond a small wetland. The lots were to be sold with all utilities established so the system needed to be installed before homes were built. Solution: The […]

Portside Bait & Liquor: Isle, MN

Overview: Portside Bait & Liquor is also a convenience store and gas station located north of Isle.  The owner wanted to expand the store, and had limited space.  They also have a rental home on the adjoining lot, which needed a septic update. Solution: A system was designed to collect wastewater from the convenience store, […]

Bay Lake Camp: Deerwood, MN

Overview: Bay Lake Camp is a church camp located on an island on Bay Lake.  Due to the site conditions, standard installation techniques would have made the installation almost impossible.  The camp has many buildings to be connected to the system with a variety of different uses including a staff building, kitchen, shower building, and […]

Camp Onomia: Onamia, MN

Overview: Camp Onomia is a church camp located on Shakopee Lake.  The Camp was required to do a system update. A previous design proposal called for large mounds that would have caused extensive damage to the wooded portion of their property.  The camp has a kitchen, which serves three meals per day. Solution: Septic Check […]