Common Considerations with Septic Systems

Even in an area which provides public sewer service, a septic system is a viable alternative as it provides benefits which may best suit your needs. A properly installed septic system designed for the property and used as intended rarely has problems which cause an utter failure, but they require inspection and maintenance and sometimes need a repair. Take care of your septic system, and it will take care of you.

Building Code

The first aspect of a great septic system is the proper design and installation of it according to your needs. Building code determines a baseline minimum, but you may want to overbuild to accommodate future needs. A commercial building may expand as the business grows, or even a home may have additions built in the future as children are born or extended family moves in. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead and build toward future needs rather than working with a sub-par septic system and having to replace it later.

Leaks and Overflows

Leaks and overflows can happen sometimes, even with the best of systems. The best way to prevent such problems is to avoid putting anything in the system other than waste and toilet paper, anything else such as baby wipes or paper towels, even if they claim to be safe for septic tanks, should go in the garbage rather than the septic system. Once a leak or overflow occurs, you’ll need a professional to clear the system and make any necessary repairs.

Routine Maintenance

Much better than dealing with a leak or overflow once it occurs is to prevent it with routine inspections and maintenance. A professional septic systems contractor can check the levels and pump it if needed while testing pressure levels to assure each part is in good working order. This is not something a do it yourself-er can handle, it requires specialized tools and training to conduct the job safely and cleanly while following proper procedures to prevent pollution.

Whether you need a new septic system installed or are having problems with an existing one, or simply need a compliance inspection to certify the system, the professionals at Septic Check can take of the situation for you. Feel free to call at your convenience to speak with one of our representatives and schedule an appointment for a free estimate.