Choosing the Right Septic System for Your Home or Business

Before we install your septic tank, you’ll want to custom design the entire system as well as choose different components and features that work for your home or business. Below are some of the different types of septic systems that you can choose from and what each has to offer.

What You Need to Consider Before Installing a Septic Tank

A brand new septic system is an investment in your property. Therefore, we can guide you through the process to determine which system is right for you. Before we install your septic tank, here are some items you’ll want to think about:

  • What are the ground conditions around your property?
  • How deep will the tank go? How deep can it go?
  • What size capacity will you need?
  • If you are replacing a tank, will the entire system need to be replaced or just certain components?
  • How does the septic system need to be winterized?

Different Types of Systems

There is more than one type of septic system for your property. Each model functions in a different way and has different specifications. We compare the four most popular septic tanks and how they differ from one another.

  • Gravity Septic System. A standard gravity system uses the weight of gravity to channel waste through the plumbing and into the tank. This is for models that are placed deep into the ground.
  • Pressure Distribution. If you have a tank that can only be buried to a certain depth, then we can install a pressure distribution system. This type of tank uses a pump to dispense the waste when it is full.
  • Mound Septic System. If the soil conditions on your property are not ideal for a drainfield, then a mound septic system is ideal. The mound is a hill that is built above the ground. A pump forces wastewater into the mount.
  • Aerobic Treatment. If the conditions on your property are not favorable for a standard septic system, then an aerobic model may work. It uses Oxygen to break down the wastewater instead of the solid and liquid being separated.

Choose Septic Check for Your Next Installation

Home and business owners in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area choose Septic Check for all their septic tank needs. Whether you need brand new installation or your current system needs to be repaired, we can help you every step of the way. We offer fast, efficient service, reliable work, and rates that stay within your budget. Call us today at 320-983-2447 and schedule your next installation or repair.