What is TerraLift and How Can It Benefit Your Septic System?

You’ve seen the photos of septic issues, including yards torn up, landscaping destroyed, or leaking drain fields. You may have even experienced the stress of septic issues yourself. While septic systems have caused many headaches over the years, new technologies […]

Six Septic Safety Tips That Everyone Should Know

Proper maintenance is an important part of caring for your septic system. There may be some issues that arise which you can tackle yourself or everyday steps that you can take to ensure your septic stays in good working order. […]

Septic Systems and Drought Conditions

Did you know that a septic system can be a help to your property–as well as to our environment–in drought conditions? A properly maintained septic system will be a properly functioning one. This means that wastewater that runs through the […]

Septic Expertise for Your Exact Needs 

At Septic Check, we help homeowners, cabin owners, business owners, and resort owners across Minnesota with every element and detail of their septic systems. From determining the right size septic system, to planning, installing, inspecting, and maintaining a septic system, […]

Septic Check – Minnesota’s Septic Expert

At Septic Check, our septic services span from initial project planning to long-term maintenance, repairs, and replacements. We help people address their issues, repair their systems, and protect their budgets. And the level of our expertise and the depth of […]

Installing Your Own Septic System

If you’re a home or cabin owner who’s contemplating installing your own septic system, there’s a lot to consider. Even the most advanced “Do It Yourself” expert needs to do their homework. Before you plan your project, buy your material, […]

Enjoying Your Cabin…finally

Owning a cabin can be a truly great opportunity. You can create an experience and escape for you and your family that builds lifelong memories. But as any cabin owner will tell you, it comes with work. It can feel […]

Soggy Seasons & Septic Systems

Some spring and summer seasons are just plain soggy. It seems a drenching rain comes every other day and nothing ever gets a chance to dry out. If you have a septic system, this kind of weather can lead to […]

Improving the Quality of Your Water at the Cabin

If you own a cabin or vacation property, you may be dealing with issues with your drinking water. Maybe it’s good enough to cook with and shower in, but not something you’re making coffee with or drinking. Many cabin owners […]

Signs of a Failing Septic System (and what to do about it)

Owning a septic system is a “necessary evil” of living in the country or owning a cabin. Septic system failure is an eventual certainty, since no system can last forever. But it can be mostly pain free if you’re able to […]