3 Common Winter Septic Issues and How to Prevent Them

Wintertime, especially here in Minnesota can be tough on our properties, even our septics. There are issues that can arise that you might not be aware of that could come with a big price tag if you’re not taking preventative […]

Top 4 Signs It’s Time For a New Septic Tank

Well-maintained septic systems can last upwards of 20-25 years. But if you inherited a poorly kept septic from a previous homeowner or don’t know the age and past care of your system, we’re here to help you identify the signs […]

Why is Septic Maintenance Important to the Environment?

Properly maintaining your septic system has a number of benefits. Not only does it save you money and protects your property and its value, but it can also be a benefit to the environment. Without regular pumping, service, and repairs, […]

3 Signs It’s Time to Rejuvenate Your Septic’s Drain Field

Your septic’s drain field (or leach field) can give you a lot of information about the health of your septic system as a whole. It is vital to keep your drain field healthy so that your septic – and your […]

These 4 Everyday Products will Keep your Septic in Tip Top Shape

If you have a septic system, everything that goes down your drain or is flushed in your toilet ends up in your septic system. You might not have thought about how the cleaners and household products you use daily could […]

Make the Best Maintenance Schedule for Your Septic System

An estimated 600,000 homes and businesses in Minnesota use septic systems to treat wastewater. When these systems aren’t functioning properly, contaminated water may be leaking back into the ground and local waterways. Proper septic maintenance is vital to ensure that […]

5 Septic System Myths & What You Need to Know Instead

Your septic system exists mostly out of sight and out of mind, so it can be difficult to learn about the proper care and maintenance. There is a lot of information and products floating around out there claiming to help […]

What is TerraLift and How Can It Benefit Your Septic System?

You’ve seen the photos of septic issues, including yards torn up, landscaping destroyed, or leaking drain fields. You may have even experienced the stress of septic issues yourself. While septic systems have caused many headaches over the years, new technologies […]

Six Septic Safety Tips That Everyone Should Know

Proper maintenance is an important part of caring for your septic system. There may be some issues that arise which you can tackle yourself or everyday steps that you can take to ensure your septic stays in good working order. […]

Septic Systems and Drought Conditions

Did you know that a septic system can be a help to your property–as well as to our environment–in drought conditions? A properly maintained septic system will be a properly functioning one. This means that wastewater that runs through the […]