A Partner in Protecting Your Property

At Septic Check, we’re helping homeowners and cabin owners protect and maintain the major investment of a septic system. We’re helping business owners and restaurant owners run a smooth operation with no disruption of services. We’re giving resort owners a chance to give their guests a great experience. 

The work we do isn’t just about installing septic systems or pumping out septic tanks, though that is work we do. Every step of the process — from planning and design to installation and maintenance, owning a septic takes expertise. And assuming that most homeowners, cabin owners, business owners, and resort owners are not experts with a septic system, we would propose that owning a septic requires the right partnership.

At Septic Check, we partner with people who need an expert.  

Septic System Planning 

We help home and business owners plan for their septic system. From choosing the right size system for their needs to giving an honest quote that will give you what you need to make it possible, our work starts long before anyone breaks ground on a septic system. 

Septic System Installation

The installation of your septic system isn’t something to approach without. Proper installation ensures efficiency and performance. Proper installation lets you know that future maintenance and service calls will be spent on extending the life of your septic and not on cleaning up bad installation decisions. 

Septic System Maintenance

Maintenance, inspections, pumping services, and other consultative services provided by our experts at Septic Check give businesses and homeowners a consistent resource for their septic system. Full, top-to-bottom expertise helps you plan for what’s coming. It gives customers access to mechanical and operational expertise, knowing that repairs and installations will be performed well. It gives longevity and predictability in performance, knowing that a septic system isn’t being ignored or neglected. 

At Septic Check, we are the expert that business owners and homeowners need to make the right planning, installation, and maintenance decisions for their septic system. Let us know where you’re at in the process and we’ll help you move forward as strategically and efficiently as possible.