3 Signs It’s Time to Rejuvenate Your Septic’s Drain Field

Your septic’s drain field (or leach field) can give you a lot of information about the health of your septic system as a whole. It is vital to keep your drain field healthy so that your septic – and your yard – stay in top condition. To stay on top of your septic’s health, here are three signs that it is time to call in the professionals to help rejuvenate your drain field. 

Your Sink and Tub Drains are Clogging or Slow

Have you noticed that you are standing in a puddle of water in the shower? Is your kitchen sink clogging while you’re washing dishes? Maybe your bathroom sink is draining slower than usual. If you notice any of these signs it could mean something is wrong with your drain field. Because wastewater can’t escape properly from your drain field, water isn’t flowing properly through your system.

You Start Smelling Sewage or Rotten Eggs

You’ve just sat down to a nice meal with your family, and you catch a whiff of… rotten eggs. No one wants to have their home smelling like sewage, especially during a meal time, when you’re trying to relax, or have company over. This is a tell-tale sign of septic issues and likely means there are issues with your drain field. Similar to slow draining, if your drain field is not functioning properly, the backup is what is causing the nauseating smells. 

Water or Sewage is Sitting on Top of Your Drainfield

Have you noticed that the ground above your drain field is more wet than normal? Perhaps you’ve even noticed puddles of water, or worse – sewage. Ideally, waste should break down in your septic tank and the wastewater should absorb into the ground. If you’re seeing puddles in your leach field – call in the professionals. 

While some of these signs could be pointing to other potential issues with your plumbing or septic system as a whole, it is still wise to call in experts to help you identify the problem properly. Septic Check is always here for your septic repair needs. With State of the art technology such as TerraLift and a 24/7 service team, we can give you the service you need to get your system back to top functioning shape in no time.